Are You Looking For Franchisee / Agent / Distributor ?

Sunnybd will be your best solution to make partnership of your business.Our main goal is tomake a big platform of franchising where many international companies easilyexpand their business service and promote their products.
How can we coordinate you?

1. Market Research
**Determining the sales potential of your products and services
**Identifying the demographic characteristics of your customers
**Selecting the appropriate business location.
**Setting the price for your products and services
**Attracting customers to your business.
**Establishing your company image
**Ensuring advertising is on target.
**Selling to customers and earning repeat business.
**Who are your customers and how can you reach them?
-->Customer profiles
-->Prospective business locations
**Marketing strategies
Which products and services do buyers need or want?

What factors influence the buying decisions of your customers?

-->Price, service, convenience, branding etc.
**What prices should you set for your products and services?
-->Customer expectationso
Who are your competitors, how do they operate and what are their strengths andweaknesses?

2. Planning

We will coordinate you to make a great business schedule .
1. For product sales, you must promote your product at least 6 month to 1 yearto make concentration of your desired audience.
2. For service or official task, it will done by
-->Training by Live video/video tutorial Explain period of training & provide training materials
-->Real test and practice.
-->Professionally work submission (Need to pay).

3. Marketing & Promotion

Sunnybd has broad marketing policy. Some procedures are shown as follows:
-->Social Media Marketing
-->Video Content Marketing
-->Doorstep Marketing
--> Billboard marketing
-->Poster & leaflet marketing
-->SMS marketing